Often dafter heavy weight loss, or in very thin patients with significant skin laxity, the tissues of the arms, legs and abdomen tend to relax excessively.

In these cases the best solution consists of a specific program of firming, aimed at each area and specific to each patient, depending on the age and physical aspectss of the patient. Today the textbook technique is bipolar radiofrequency, often associated with cycles of carboxytherapy and Velasmooth. These are procedures that aim to stimulate new collagen fibers (radiofrequency), induce a regenerative stimulus on the tissues through the effects of oxygen (carboxytherapy), to which is added the mechanical manipulation of tissues to drain and remodel (Velasmooth).

Depending on the skin layer, the initial situation and the patient’s expectations, we recommend two weekly sessions, for a total of 10-15 sessions and then evaluate, together with the patient, a maintenance protocol where necessary.