After pregnancy or considerable weight change, scars may appear on the skin: stretch marks.

These skin striations are caused by the rupture of the elastic fibers of the dermis, stressed by the sudden increase,the superficial tension and by the so-called yo-yo effect. Thighs, breasts, abdomen, buttocks and hips are the parts of the body most prone to these imperfections. Prompt action, when the cicatricial phase is only at the beginning, is the best way to reduce its effects and have effective results.

Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

During pregnancy, superhydration caused by the increase in hormones makes the skin brighter and tonic, but at the same time causes great stress to the elastic fibers of the dermis, which are therefore more prone to breakage.

To prevent the onset of stretch marks, or at least to limit their incidence, it is possible to implement a prevention strategy, nourishing the belly, breasts, thighs, with professional products with elasticising and emollient action, but also with natural adjuvants such as sweet almond oil.

Treatments against stretch marks

When the streaks of the skin have reached the final cicatricial phase, it is possible to remove them with different cosmetic medicine techniques. Professor Giulio Basoccu performs treatments for the elimination of red, brown and white stretch marks, working with different methods:

  • Lasers
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Bio-revitalisation
  • Peeling with trichloroacetic acid for breast stretch marks


Treatments to be implemented in association with other procedures such as carboxytherapy.

During the consultation and preliminary visit to the Basoccu Medical Clinic in Rome, it will be possible to evaluate the situation in progress and identify the type of intervention to be implemented accordingly. Additional interventions can be offered to tone and remove excess skin or fat in limited areas of the body.