Reconstructive mastoplasty in Rome

Reconstructive mastoplasty in Rome The progress of plastic surgery allows a woman who has undergone breast demolition surgery in order to remove a tumour to have her breast reconstructed and reclaim her femininity. A reconstructive mastoplasty should be considered an integral part of therapy following a mastectomy in giving a woman a normal life and returning to normal life even in the face of possibly more oncological treatments. Reconstructive surgery techniques aim to restore a breast to what it was before in terms of volume and shape. The plastic surgeon’s skill will allow the patient to benefit both physically and psychologically.

How a mammary reconstruction is performed

Professor Giulio Basoccu is one of the most renowned reconstructive surgeons in Rome. At his clinic, equipped with a team of specialists, you will be able to decide on the reconstructive intervention that is best for you. It is important to remember that the best type of reconstruction will depend on many factors like scarring, cutaneous elasticity, how much tissue is remaining and how invasive the mastectomy was. before proceeding with the reconstruction, the tumour should be completely removed. A plastic surgeon will only operate with the consent of your oncologist. Post-mastectomy reconstruction is a very delicate procedure. The surgeon will make a deep incision to create a pocket where a cutaneous expander or temporary implant will go. Later, a retro-muscular prosthesis can go into the pocket to resemble the dimensions and shape of the healthy breast.

Restore the symmetry and volume of the breast

Notwithstanding the huge leaps forward in this field, it is important to remember that breast reconstruction will never give the same results as a simple additive mastoplasty. Professor Giulio Basoccu will be able to evaluate possibly making a healthy breast reduction or augmentation in order to restore the harmony between the two breasts, standardise volume and height which will improve their symmetry. Breast reconstructive plastic surgery can be used to solve a unilateral or bilateral defect.