Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to correct protruding ears, ear malformations, imperfection and auricular asymmetry of any kind.

Protruding ears is a particular kind of congenital malformation of the auricle that can be a direct consequence of two factors: hypertrophy of the concha or a missing fold of the antelice, the folded part of the ear, which doesn’t form in 70% of protruding ears. These two features can also appear together.

How an otoplasty is performed

An otoplasty’s details make it the prototypical plastic surgery and cosmetic reconstruction. The aims of an otoplasty are solely aesthetic insofar as it neither affects nor compromises auditory organ functionality. An otoplasty seeks to reposition and remodel prominent ears and correct any defects present from birth or as a result of trauma (missing or partial loss of an ear, ears that are too small or too large, lobes that are too large or too long).
Essentially, the surgeon will intervene on the auricular cartilage to remodel the ear and bring it closer to the head. The defect is exclusively one to do with the form and position of the cartilage.

An incision is performed on the inner groove of the ear and a small lozenge of skin is removed to cover the deformed cartilage. At this point, the cartilage, once exposed, is remodelled to then achieve relief on the basin of the ear and to correct the concha which can be reduced if it is too large.
The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic with sedation.

Post-operative procedure.

A compression bandage should be used for 3-5 days after the procedure. After this, it can be removed but it will be necessary to wear an elastic cover for another 15 days, after which you can return to normal.
Stitches will be removed 8-10 days after the procedure.
The patient cannot sleep on the affected ear and must lay flat with the head slightly elevated.
After an otoplasty, there will not be visible scarring – the scars will be hidden in the furrow on the back of the ear.
The results will be immediately visible.