Cosmetic surgery on the chin is an intervention that modifies the form of the chin (additive mentoplasty) aiding facial harmony and facial aspect. A small silicone prosthetic is inserted through an incision made inside the oral cavity. Alternatively, a more complex technique can be used which can remodel the bone by shifting a section of the jaw forwards. Reductive mentoplasty is more often reserved for correction occlusion defects for reasons of functionality rather than aesthetics. The reduction is achieved the same way (intraorally) with the same levels of sedation but, instead of increasing the projection of the chin with a prosthetic, any excessive prominence is wound back.

Aside from additive and reductive mentoplasty, the chin can also be retouched by altering the angle of the jaw or through eliminating a ‘double chin’. Less frequently, the structure of the chin can be remodelled. For example, by making a more square, pointed or round shape or by adding a furrow in the centre or by removing a furrow.