A reductive mastoplasty procedure seeks to reduce a large breast by correcting mammary hypertrophy or gigantomastia, modifying the dimensions and shape of an asymmetric, overgrown or sagging breast. At the Basoccu Medical Clinic in Rome, a reductive mastoplasty can be performed with multiple surgical techniques that take into account the individual patient’s needs. From the largest reductions to corrections of modest hypertrophy, often associated with drooping, the aim is to restore the patient’s desired breast size and aesthetics.

How a reductive mastoplasty is performed

Professor Giulio Basoccu will select the best technique for reducing breast size based on the preliminary patient consultation. Various types of incisions can be made:

  1. Vertical: this technique is indicated in cases of hypertrophy: Professor Giulio Basoccu will correct the excess of skin and glandular parenchyma and reposition the areola-nipple complex in the correct position.
  2. Horizontal in the crease beneath the breast: indicated for massive hypertrophy and remodelling of a new breast. This technique is also called an ‘inverted T’ because three incisions are made: horizontal, vertical and around the areola.


Objectives of a reductive mastoplasty: remodelling and postural correction

Reductive mastoplasty seeks to remodel and reshape the breast but also to remove part of the adipose tissue which is a frequent cause of spinal trauma. The Basoccu Medical Clinic also performs this important, now-routine, procedure to resolve other physical problems. For example, taking weight from the chest in order for a patient to develop a better posture.

Post-operative recovery

After the procedure, a bandage will be applied that can be removed after around one week. For the following month, the patient should wear a containment bra at al time so the new breast can acquire the desired shape and heal more quickly. The stitches can be removed around 15 days later. The Basoccu Medical Clinic in Rome advises patients to avoid intense physical activity, such as weightlifting, for the first week. The healing process following a surgical breast reduction will be accelerated with the use of moisturisers and drainage procedures that can be done at home. A VODDER lymphatic drainage cycle will act favorably on the lymphatic stasis caused by operative trauma.