A mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is often called a breast lift. The surgeon raises the breast, removes excess skin and then inserts an implant that gives a full and firm appearance.

How a mastopexy is performed

It is quite common for drooping of the breast to coincide with hypotrophy. A mastopexy is the only surgical intervention that is able to remedy damage caused by weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, loss of mammary skin elasticity and suspension ligaments from the gland. A mastopexy aims to raise the mammary gland up to its physiological position and returning a certain volume to the breast by using breast implants and possibly removing a small part of it. With a breast lift, consistency and shape will be improved both from the front and in profile. The areola-nipple complex will also be placed in the optimal location. The surgical technique of a mastopexy involves incisions similar to a reductive mastoplasty (around the areola, a vertical scar ik an ‘L’ and an inverted T) but, given that the goal is to remodel the breast without removing any tissue, there is less scarring and the incisions are more easily masked.

Post-operative receovery

The results will be immediately clear and will improve over time. The diverse surgical techniques give the option of restoring volume to a hypotrophic breast and allow a descended gland to be put back in place which gives an excellent aesthetic result with the creation of a good mammary cone shape and projection. The use of a containment bra is necessary, day and night, for around a month after the procedure. It is advisable to avoid excessive arm movements and heavy lifting for a week after. Lympatic-drainage massages will accelerate the healing process.