Cervico-Facial Lifting and Mini-Lifting

‘Lifting’ is a cosmetic surgery procedure that restores freshness to the face by stretching the skin of the face and neck. It can be used on a single part of the face (for example, neck, forehead or cheeks) or the entire face. With the passage of time, it is normal for the fabric of the skin to change, mainly because of reabsorption of moisture. Lifting applies traction to the skin with the goal of restoring consistency to the face and smoothing out wrinkles.

Lift Procedure

In the Basoccu Medical Clinic in Rome, there are various types of cervico-facial lifting procedures available which are performed with the most recent techniques:

  • R.A.R.E. (Reverse and Repositioning Effect) Lifts: a new surgical technique that aims to counteract subsidence of the skin on the face. The tools used target the fibres of the face. The result is a natural rejuvenation of the face. The incisions are small and are performed via an endoscope. In contrast to the classic techniques that gave all-over adherence of the soft structures of the face, R.A.R.E. Lifts are more targeted which is necessary to reposition musculature and tissue. The result has a youthful effect on the face that appears completely natural, avoiding taut-looking flesh. Another advantage of this technique is a short recovery time without great problems – any bruising will disappear within two days and the stitches will also be absorbed in that time. In three days, the patient will be back to normal.
  • Traditional lift: affects the area spanning from the temple region, along the hairline and descending down past the ears to the nape. The presence of hair in this entire region, together with the fold of the auricle, provides the perfect place to disguise the scarring from the procedure. The procedure involves disconnecting the skin, applying traction and removing excess flesh.
  • Cervico-facial lift with S.M.A.S.: this technique disconnects the facial muscles directly beneath the skin and tension is then increased.
  • Subperiosteal lift: the principle function with this technique is to remodel the face rather than restore a youthful appearance, which is a common misconception. Remodelling is achieved by raising the facial muscles.
  • Forehead lift: the incision is performed on the scalp with the goal of eliminating or reducing horizontal forehead wrinkled and raise the eyebrows.
  • Temple lift: the incision is made in the temporal region with the goal of removing the crows’ feet that typically appear in the region. This procedure is often performed at the same time as a blepharoplasty, dedicated instead to the eyelids, to restore the freshness that is lost over the years.


Platysmaplasty: neck lifts

f the neck is particularly loose, it can be necessary to perform a platysmaplasty. Through a small incision beneath the chin, excess fat can be removed and the platysma muscles can be restored, avoiding the unsightly vertical bands that can appear on the neck. In some cases, a ‘double chin’ can be removed through a small liposuction in the neck alongside classic cervico-facial lifting.

Lipostructure: to aid lifting

In many cases, the passage of time can reduce the amount of fatty tissue in the face. In order to restore youthful vigor to the face, a practitioner can perform lipostructure procedures alongside a lift. This procedure involves taking fat from another area in the body with liposuction. The fat is then placed in the face in a precise and uniform manner with microcannulas.

Soft Lifting – Aptos

This is a less-invasive procedure than the traditional techniques (with less swelling and bruising): the incisions are very small and are disguised in the hair, the separation of skin is also minimal. The procedure involves inserting self-traction threads or reabsorbable traction plates and is performed under local anaesthetic at the Day Hospital. It is particularly indicated for the mid-face region and the zygomatic area. The threads are removed within 15 days which gives time for the bruising and swelling to go down. After the threads are removed, lymphatic drainage facial massages are recommended to reduce hematomas and swelling, thereby accelerating healing time.

Lift results

The aim of a lift is to improve the aspect of the face by stretching the skin, restoring freshness and improving the contour. At the Basoccu Medical Clinic in Rome, we know that the level of improvement varies from subject to subject but the surgeon’s fundamental principle is always to restore the aspect in an absolutely natural fashion.