Cutaneous relaxation of the arms is a problem that concerns mainly female patients and those who have undergone significant weight loss in a short time. After thirty years, sporting activity is no longer sufficient to guarantee the natural disappearance of the anti-aesthetic effect of dangling excess fat and skin. When, however, the skin is still particularly elastic and the adipose accumulations are compact, simple liposuction of the arms can be considered a valid intervention: otherwise brachioplasty can be used. In addition to liposculpture of the area that goes from the armpits to the elbow, it also includes techniques for lifting and removing excess skin. The Medical Clinic of Professor Giulio Basoccu in Rome is available to provide a complete consultation and a professional evaluation on the ideal aesthetic intervention to improve the appearance of your arms.

Brachioplasty intervention

The lifting of the arms involves, in addition to the elimination of adipose accumulations, also removal of excess tissue. This eliminates, or reduces in case of more complex situation, the problem of hanging arm flesh, also known as ‘bingo wings’. Brachioplasty is a delicate and detailed procedure, with scarring results that must be considered during the consultation phase, since they will be extended along the entire fly surface of the arm up to the axillary cavity. Over the following months, the scar will be less and less evident if the patient takes care to avoid exposure to the sun and uses the appropriate measures recommended by the surgeon (gel, silicone sheets, compression patches).

Post-operative recovery

The operation is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. One night of hospitalisation is required. A compression bandage will be worn for about a week, under medical supervision, which will be replaced with an elastic sheath for the following 4 weeks. The stitches will be removed after 15 days.