Modern techniques make it possible to gradually and permanently eliminate unwanted hair through a diode laser.

At the Clinic of Professor Giulio Basoccu, it is possible to undergo permanent hair removal through, following an accurate medical examination, the most appropriate procedure to permanently eliminate the hair in whichever area of ​​the body.

Diode laser: why choose it?

Laser hair removal is performed “spot”, i.e. in areas of a few millimeters, affected by hair. The advantage that the laser has is that it is very precise, striking a hair bulb at a time, thus allowing a high selectivity depending on the colour of the hair.

Results and number of sessions

After the first session the frequency and the number of sessions to be performed to obtain a permanent hair removal will be agreed together with the patient. Gradually, the final number will be determined by the rate of hair growth and the area to be treated.