What is Botox?

For the treatment of wrinkles of the upper third of the face, the procero, the glabella, crow’s feet and frontal and periocular wrinkles, Botox has been used for some time. It is the only medicine in cosmetic medicine to treat lowering of the eyebrow (which gives the face a look of ​​tiredness) and corrugating muscles. Botulinum toxin reduces the ability to contract specific muscles by acting at the neuromuscular level with the result of eliminating dynamic wrinkles. It can be used in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation treatments without contraindications or any type of interference. Off-label treatments, those outside the specifications of the technical data sheet, are recommended by particularly expert surgeons, such as those of the renowned Basoccu Clinic in Rome, a nationally-recognised plastic and cosmetic surgery centre.

Purposes of botulinum treatment

Botox has a focused and limited action, temporarily blocking the contractility of the muscles responsible for mimic movements, without interfering with the other muscles. In this way it is possible to eliminate the expression lines of the upper part of the face. From 3/4 days after the injection, the face will appear younger and relaxed, without losing its natural expressiveness. The effects last from three to six months and, before their disappearance, it is advisable to repeat the treatment, especially when dealing with the most evident wrinkles on the forehead and on the periocular region.

What should I know about botulinum toxin treatment?

Botox injections are carried out in small doses and in targeted points of mimic muscles with the help of very thin needles. For this reason they do not leave marks and allow the patient to return to their usual activities after each session. The injections are performed in the clinic and are totally painless and safe. A session lasts an average of 15 minutes, at the end of which there will be no specific indications from the surgeon, except to avoid massaging, touching, rubbing the area in which the drug was injected for at least 24 hours in order to avoid altering the result. It is advisable not to expose yourself to the sun to avoid excessive heat on the treated area which can induce vasodilation. The aesthetic results are appreciable after 4-5 days from injections because the muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles have this time to relax.