The body lift is a surgical procedure that consists of removing excess fatty skin tissues in one or more body districts, repositioning and stretching the residual skin with the aim of improving the silhouette. A body lift can affect the abdomen (understood as the entire abdominal belt including the hips and lumbar area), the thighs and the arms.

The surgery

The intervention is recommended in all cases where cutaneous relaxation occurs with a loss of regular body morphology. Moreover, it is indicated in all situations in which there is a lack of skin elasticity. It is a complex and delicate surgical procedure, to be performed exclusively in the clinic, and relying on expert practitioners. It is not indicated in obese people, because it is necessary to lose a lot of weight, given the goal of the procedure is to remodel the silhouette. Changes in body mass and weight following surgery would alter and impair the result. The skin returned to tension during surgery would be back in excess, flaccid and lacking in tone. The intervention, or the set of interventions, are performed under local anaesthesia with sedation and require a night of hospitalisation. The duration varies in proportion to the number of areas to be corrected. After the removal of excess tissue in various districts with possible use of liposuction in the surrounding excess adipose tissues, deep tissue stitches are used to adapt of the skin to the new contour. The superficial cosmetic sutures are not very visible, depending on the region to be treated.

Post-intervention course

After the surgery, absolute rest for at least a week is required. It will be essential to wear elastic sheaths for a couple of weeks which serve to reduce post-operative swelling and to keep the mobilized tissues in the new position. After two weeks, the stitches will be removed and you can go back to your daily activities, except for physical activity which can be resumed after 4-6 weeks. The results are immediately visible, and become stable and definitive with time. Usually within a month the new body profile is visible.