Harmonize the face by modeling the volumes of the profile A harmonious and graceful face makes a person seem more appealing thanks to the nose, chin, mouth and cheekbones being perfectly proportionate. Corrective cosmetic surgery allows for adjustment of the small defects that can occur, whether they be congenital or a result of trauma.

Addressing the profile with cosmetic surgery, Professor Giulio Basoccu’s Medical Clinic in Rome intervenes to sculpt the proportions of the face and, in some cases, a malaroplasty can be used to increase the cheekbones. One of the most renowned surgeons for augmenting cheekbones in Rome, indeed, in the whole of Italy, is our very own Giulio Basoccu. His technique includes the use of a solid silicone prosthetic in various sizes. This creates a more projected zygomatic arch which provides excellent support to the soft tissues above.

Cheekbone prosthetics

A malaroplasty is performed under local anaesthetic and the insertion of the cheekbone prosthetic can be done in two ways:

  • An incision in the inside of the mouth through which the prosthetic is inserted and positioned in contact with the bone.
  • In the second case, if the malaroplasty is concomitant with facial lifting then the incisions below the lower eyelids.

Cheekbone augmentation is a short procedure, around 45 minutes, done in day hospital and doesn’t involve a long or painful post-operative stage. The intraoral stitches, if they’re not dissolvable, will be removed after a week.